3 keys to be a « performer » at work

It is very true that our first days in a company are always the most determining. If in our daily life, we say that the first impression is always the good one, it’s the same in the professional world. The most ambitious will see an interest and if you aim from the beginning at a promotion or a salary rise, the fight will be rough and your best allies will be your results and your attitude, and these on a daily basis. If you wish to obtain this distinction in a record time, here are some pieces of advice to make you the indispensable element of your working floor.

The impact: the first impression at work

I remember when I was going through the recruitment process to join a worldly renowned company for a high position, where after getting the job, I was expected to spend my days between two planes to meet with the CEOs based between Europe and the USA. It was recommended to be strongly appealed to a heavy trip schedule, something I was not afraid of and I made it clear at the 1st interview. Dressed up with the perfect business traveller’s outfit, I walked along this path that led to the RH office, double – breasted and fitted suit, shoes polished the day before and my Explorer bag 52 in leather from Coach, I entered with confidence in the office. Here I am, in my environment, the one of a business traveller. “Ah, it seems like you’re ready to travel!” the recruiter said with a smile, I think I had already scored a point. We first discussed my experiences and my activitie; when the time came to talk about my trips, I strategically and enthusiastically talked with details about my great stories from my latest trip to Canada, for example. After 6 interviews and 3 trips to the head office, I got the job.

What made the difference was the first impression. As soon as we had our first conversation, we knew we will be able to trust each other and the rest of the interview process confirmed our choice. So make sure to be totally in line with the company’s values you want to work in: it is a marriage between you, your personality, and the philosophy of the company. It was now time for me to get to know the teams and the different departments. It was the first days, the baptism of fire.

Leave a mark: your positioning

Whether it is in our daily life or our professional one, everything is a question of plan and codes to be respected. We often speak about the brand positioning but do not forget that our name is also our brand; we are constantly selling ourselves to an external audience at work and on social media. How do you wish your entourage to remember you? Which positioning do you want to adopt? The leader? The follower? The distinguished? The individual who undergoes? The bad influence? Your actions in the everyday life will define your image and the impression you leave to your collaborators. That is why from the first days, the first moments, I wanted to mark my difference, I wanted to be seen as the one I am in the process of becoming: a distinguished, dynamic and positive man, who can inspire the others. As a result, it was with an iron fist that I shook the hands of my collaborators, with a strong and powerful voice that I was introducing myself, and with a slender step and my head high that I walked towards my new office. The first thing that was noticed was my fashion style: never without my fitted jacket and its accessories, even on the casual days. Yes, we can stay casual while marrying a nice jacket, its pocket square with casual sneakers and good chino trousers. My style was unique and inimitable; it was and remains the expression of my personality. I had just marked my position, I am not there to be the bad student of the campus, but the first one. Then, came the time of the demonstration, with actions.

The outcome: the results

We value honesty: being honest with ourselves, with others and not pretending to be someone else. This is one of the bases that will distinguish you from other individuals. If you have applied for this role, if you have created your brand, it is because you have the skills to leave a positive mark in this world. During my interview, I stated with humility that I was perfect for this role and that I would become an essential element in the organisation. It was now time to deliver by taking concrete actions from my words. During the two weeks of integration, with 13 newcomers, all departments combined, chaired by a performance Coach, we had to learn how to know ourselves but also how to be recognised. I remained discreet, attentive, listening, and I rarely spoke. I wanted to remain this distinguished man with unforgettable interventions. When I spoke, especially to answer some questions, I was the only one to stand up, to put myself in the centre of all; I brought a structured response, illustrated with examples and tips. This was my added value, my extra mile that left no one indifferent. My message was clear, concise and understood; also I did not hesitate to interact with the audience so that people will remember me. To my surprise, 3 days later, I was already called by my first name and I was no longer a « newcomer », confident, I had already marked my positioning. At the end of these two weeks, I really got on board and was determined to deliver as quickly as possible. In your opinion, how long did it take me to get my first contract signed? 5 days.

Do you know how did I get there? By strictly adhering to a specific mechanism and codes of conduct. I will provide them to you in details during my next personalised sessions.

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