5 golden rules to become a businessman

Passionate, we chose to embark on this adventure that is making business. We have this ambition to create new commercial structures, develop them and make them profitable enough to generate income from various sources. The sleepless nights, the hours that we no longer count, the many appointments are now part of our daily lives and that is what makes the business world certainly ruthless but equally thrilling. At K&Co, we have somehow a different approach to business. Conduct codes, a primordial know-how to distinguish yourself as a businessman, but also to enable you to quickly generate profit. Mr Distinction gives you here his 5 golden rules, sensitive souls or hearts too generous should abstain …

 1. Do not have time for everything

In this quest for success, we want to be seen and appreciated for our skills, hence why we are sometimes willing to give up a lot of our time working on collaborations that don’t necessarily pay the bills… And since we have a hight professional ethics, we are committed and don’t count the hours required to achieve our mission. Being available is a very good thing when we do not forget our priority as a businessman: to generate profit. It is therefore very important to measure each collaboration, personally or professionally. A businessman must have the ability to manage his time to the minute and allocate it efficiently. This will save you not only a turnover at zero, conflicts within your family or a total burn out!

2.  You have business acumen

Each opportunity is carefully studied and the time money ratio is the main calculation. The main impacts on your organization and the benefits that this collaboration can bring to your collaborators will be your main questions. You study closely your future business partner (s) by ensuring that their business visions are as clear as their intent towards you. Good collaborations go through healthy relationships, if you do not feel it, do not wait any longer, decline the opportunity with great respect, and rest assured, there’s always a new opportunity around the corner.

3. There is no gratuity

Yes, times can be tough and every mission you take have to be cost-effective. Except that unfortunately many people will use this excuse for you to maximize your input for the minimum financial contribution. They know you, they know one of your contacts, you have a common network, they have a strong reputation, and many other weapons that will fuel their negotiation. What about the image of your business? What’s its value? Each service has a cost, and except promotional periods, do not sell off. It is true that some will not specifically look for a financial envelope, it may be other more interesting things, such as a reference, a list of prospects or just some pieces of advice. Please make sure you agree on your common interests before starting any collaboration and honouring them on time.

 4. Define the process

The process, the rule of conduct, the guideline! It will always be a token of your seriousness. Even if the relationships are simple and fluid with your clients, a clarification, re-clarification, and approval of each line of your collaboration are imperative before going any further. Whether you’re dealing with a close friend, a friend of a friend or a strict professional contact, the way you work together must be the same with everybody, this will avoid misunderstandings and familiarities, even more so when you work with professionals from all over the world where work methods and mentalities are different. Set up tools that will enable you to carry out your missions in the conditions previously established through your contracts or grids of controls. The most important thing here is to be transparent in your procedures to avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. Do not multiply the apparitions

It is well known that the mystery attracts and the businessman knows this very well. Often busy, he does not multiply his appearances and prefers to highlight his collaborators by delegating missions. Noble and humble, he also wants to give them the recognition they deserve and allow them to evolve within his organization. He is not looking for an important visibility but rather priorities a growing image of his company through the delivery of good messages and exceptional results for his customers. Far from the strass and spangles, he will only show up for the occasions of capital importance for which he is expected to deliver first class pitches.

Within K & Co, we have these five golden rules for which we do not derogate. If you follow them, you will gain the respect of your collaborators / customers, a considerable time, and will be able to identify the good partners of the bad ones. Your relationships will remain healthy with always in mind this « win-win spirit » which will ensure that your customers and employees remain faithful to you.

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