She wanted a man and a businessman: Showtime baby!

Combining a sentimental life with a professional career is not an easy task. Between the late night working hours, weekends to work or long trips, there is enough to develop in your muse a feeling of loneliness that will materialize with tensions, reproaches and nights on the sofa gentlemen. Note that all that she really needs, gentlemen, is you, the man, the real one. Show her that whatever happens, she is safe: financially for your (future) home and morally for her well-being. We are here to help you and accompany you to another level, just follow the guide.

Mornings: the ultimate mark of attention

Although our days at work can be long and busy, do not forget your muse. There are daily rituals that will make her start her day under the best vibes. For couples living together, if you leave earlier, the kiss on the forehead when she sleeps is always appreciated. She may not tell you that, but trust me, gentlemen, that kind of attention will never leave her indifferent. In case you do not live together yet, a little cheesy text or a voice note will always be well received!

Be multitask: she remains your priority

Between two meetings, four files, a conference-call that can get you a 4-digit contract, know that one of your best forces (after God if you are believers), is your wife. Do not neglect her, ask her opinion before each trial or important decision, it will give you the necessary boost to achieve a certain distinction. And let’s be honest, she does expect this from you, as busy as she can be: a message from her man, even short, just to make sure that everything is fine at strategic times (lunch break, middle of the day) is always welcome, not to say mandatory.

She is your first boss: show her results

One of the best ways to stay irresistible to your wife is to let her know that you are a man of victories and that you have this winning mind-set, nothing can stop you whether it’s at home or at work. Get up every morning with one goal: to return home at night with a story to tell: a man who knows how to distinguish himself on a daily basis. For instance, in the sales’ world, closing a big deal that beyond generating significant commissions will increase your purchasing power and secure your home. Find your area of expertise and excel in it, be this reliable man who will not disappoint!

Never go back home empty-handed

Yes, your days have been long, but hers too. When she comes home, she also has things in mind between work, potential household chores, making a meal, and so on (God bless men who can cook!). However, she can hope to go back home and do nothing, relax, and just wait for you. So it’s always important to think about calling her, to make sure she does not need anything. She may surprise you by asking you to bring an aphrodisiac shower cream for a hot and relaxing bath with you (lucky you!) or simply to bring a missing spice for a great romantic meal she’s preparing. This kind of daily control is more than necessary and pays special attention to her; so let her know that everything is under control with you.

Learn how to get away from work and your activities: she is with you

As difficult as it may be, and especially for entrepreneurs who do not count working hours, even if she admires you and sometimes observes you when you’re working, there is a time for everything, a time for business and a time for relaxation with your other half. Do not hesitate to cut yourself off from work a few hours by turning off your phone, yes, you read correctly: turning off your phone. This is the best way to enjoy a stress-free moment far from any distractions but also to show Madam that you know how to focus only on her. There is no need to turn it off for hours but trust me, being able to do it for one hour or two is already a mark of distinction.

Happy wife, happy life!

We live in a world where we need stamina to accomplish all of our daily tasks, a world where high standards and performance are required. It can sometimes be difficult for men to stay the course, but you just need to follow some golden rules that will allow you to get away with success. Be multitask and make your wife a priority. Making sure to stay the best version of yourself and succeed whatever you undertake are all actions that will make you even more attractive. Make her admire you, love you, and breathe you. Good luck!

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