I want to punch this guy!

This boss who annoys you, this love that overwhelms you, this friend who always let you down. You all have experienced these types of situations where you could have ended often times without a job, no friends, single or even for some; in prison. If I am sharing this with you now, it’s because summer has been rough for some people and unfortunately, they did not pass the exam in managing their emotions. It is not too late to catch up and if you want to dominate this world, have a better life or have healthy and lasting relationships, these are 3 basic rules that are made for you.

1. When your heart is talking to you, listen to it

Whether you are sad, angry or happy, your heart sends you messages that will somehow impact your behavior. If you are angry, your heart rate is accelerating and you will find it difficult to pay attention and being in full control of your means. To accept it, is already a first step and try to reverse this mindset into a positive situation. Your wife never wants to massage you before sleeping and that annoys you? Here is a beautiful opportunity for you to show her the kind of thoughtful gentleman you are by revealing your massage talents. Believe me gentlemen, all you need to do is to show her how to do it in order for the both of you to win.

2. Do not react in the heat of the moment, question yourself

The one and only question to ask is “why?”, before reacting. This daily frustration that you have before going to work makes you put all your stress on those around you, these many phone calls to your love one that always go to the voicemail and put you in all your emotions. Have you ever thought of taking a step back and first ask yourself why? And what if this daily frustration was simply due to the fact that your manager does not trust you enough and that you never had the courage to let him know about your feeling? What if that several of your messages that you left on the voicemail were only the result that your wife is not feeling in you that you miss her because you do not tell her enough? These emotional states are an integral part of our existence and responding to them in the heat of the moment is never a good omen. Instead, sit down, take a deep breath and communicate with yourself.

3. Soothe your body and mind: for a better life

A healthy mind in a healthy body is a saying that does not contradict itself. To be in good health, to feel good in your body, to have a healthy and positive environment are only the best ingredients for an inner peace, calm spirit and a control of one’s emotions in all circumstances. We will not stop saying it but exercising is one of the best ways to channel your energies but also to repel your emotions in order to get rid of them permanently: The practice of Yoga is a good exercise, a team sport which will also strengthen your group cohesion and your ability to work together as a team for better results. Let yourself live, love yourself and others.

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