I will take the job but not the money!

It took me more than thirty years of existence, fifteen years working for big companies, and about ten years of entrepreneurship to understand that I no longer needed money to live. Yes, you read correctly, « I no longer need money to live ». In case of shocking you, it’s the mindset in which I put myself for some years now, in order to be able to get rid of this financial dependence which in the end, prevents us from living a better life. The fear of tomorrow, excitement of your next purchase, calculations and planning, many of us have certainly ended up ruined, single, or even without any friends. It is time for you to learn in a few lines, how to make a 360 degree turn and see money in a completely different way in order to naturally enrich yourself. Take a seat, take out the cocktails (it’s on me), and read this article for the next 3 minutes.

Getting more money? No, thank you, I am good.

It’s the permanent obsession that preoccupies us all: How am I going to make more money, how about this pay rise that stresses you so much? We get up every morning to do this 9 to 5 job to enrich a company that is not ours or even to go fetch new customers for the sole purpose of making them pay and therefore enrich us. If we leave you the choice of getting up and working 12 hours to earn nothing, how many of you would bother to get up? Money is just an illusion that only gives you a false sense of security, you do not need it. Here is the mindset in which you should position yourself in order to completely change the vision that you have of it, and this is your first step.

The day I accepted to be at almost zero: on my chequing account!

In this perspective of no longer worry about money, it is important to completely forget about it. Before, my priority was to have at least 4-digit in my chequing account, it always gives me a sense of dominance over the world as well security. My money was always available to be spent. Until the day I decided to do the opposite, by making sure that my chequing account was at zero; ASAP. I always had anxiety when I was seeing my chequing account almost at zero, so I now want to see it at its lowest (isn’t weird?). Let’s take a closer look at this: what is the point of a good chequing account, if it’s not just for pleasure and desire to spend the money? Your financial advisor is certainly interested in the money you hold in your account, but it’s especially and above all, with what you do with it: invest it (real estate), place it (shares) in order not to spend but to let it grow (quickly). Of course, always keep an account available only and simply for your expenses and monthly charges : make a monthly average without forgetting to please others and yourself from time to time (to please the people we love is good for the health) : we can call this account as your vital savings.

To work by choice and not by necessity.

Earning money to ultimately spend it is not the best course of action if you want to reach a level where the money will only add many numbers into your account. This job dependency keeps you in this vicious circle of an entry and exit, you are being paid to spend. Have a good accountant, very good financial advisors, but also give yourself time to learn how to manage your money so as to attract even more with almost nothing to do: this must become your priority. Invest in your own capital, your skills, so you can grow and reach new heights. Do not opt ​​for a position that will earn you more (and therefore be more taxable), but more for a position that will make you learn, then use your skills for your personal enrichment: you must learn to work by choice and especially by curiosity even if you have to win less (believe me, it’s a great investment on the long run).

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