The choice of humility in a self-regarding world

If you haven’t noticed yet, through my various articles, I deliver the best advice and practices to help you access this lifestyle that is waiting for you down the hall. The final destination is not without sacrifices, changes or even tears. But believe me, there is pleasure throughout this long journey, which will leave you only wonderful memories to share around you, with great emotion and humility; aren’t they a great combination? The ability to be able to restrain any movement of pride, to remain humble in all circumstances even when the lights tend to shine on you. Learn to remain small even when you grow up, by starting to get carried away in those few lines at the edge of your bedside; for a better life.

I. The art of self-control

Ladies, remember this young man sitting at the end of the bar counter, alone, who with a bit of bad luck has held the green light in order to come and approach you. You let him introduce himself for about 10 seconds but instead it lasted two minutes, what a torture! In the end, he has said and done too much. We were confronted with this exact same situation (the introduction) my twin brother and I over this past weekend when we had the chance to be invited to the African Fashion Week of Toronto. It is the inevitable annual meetup bringing together the African creators and inspiring brands of the world in the fashion industry. Dressed in a navy blue double breasted blazer, along an African wax pocket square, a long cream shirt with Mao collar, with a camel darted pants paired with loafers from « Poste » (London, England, yes I’m still a big fan of the British brands).I timidly crossed the security pathway before being interviewed by the radiant journalist, Roxanne La Kinoise. Do you remember, the 10 seconds granted for your introduction? It is now the perfect time to introduce yourself with class, without saying too much, while answering the questions asked with then a full stop. Be brief and concise in your answers by letting her lead the ball the first minute until you’ve broken the ice to allow a much more interactive discussion.

II. Thank yous

After going through this crucial step of discovering my peers, I was able to identify the familiar faces of the realm of social networks, but also the new ones, which I was a part of it. The African Fashion Week of Toronto was a first for me, especially coming straight from London (United-Kingdom). We were asked to go meet upstairs for the awards ceremony. VIP guests were a priority, in this way I faced the long brown steps of this endless staircase which foreshadowed a wonderful decor for the ceremony (thank you Spacefy). We arrived at the top with my twin brother and our friend Kevin and at that moment I discovered a gorgeous room perfectly well adorned with white fabrics and amazing lighting in order to not miss anything from this award ceremony. It was now time for the big show, the long awaited moment for the nominees. Stay Magnifique won the award of the best fashion blogger of the year for the second consecutive year in Toronto. Roxanne la Kinoise won the award of the International Women’s model for the very first time, and many more distinctions were given. It was now time for speeches. What message to convey? What tone to use? It is important to never forget where you come from and always thank those who allowed you to get where you are today; without forgetting the audience who came to support you. You owe them everything and your speech should be focused on them and nobody else. Use pronouns such as they / you instead of I for a memorable and distinctive speech.

III. The departure

 Even if we tend to forget about it, the first impressions (or the worst ones) are mostly sensed at the beginning or the end of an encounter. Providence forces our entourage to feel like a feeling of joy and security when we arrive; but you must not forget that your departure must be also memorable. It was around 9:00 pm when I was about to make my way out. The last show come to an end and all of the other guests were still there recovering from their emotions of the magnificent runway. Yes, it was quite intense and I would be lying to you if I tell you that some models like Queen Glamneek have not left the audience speechless after honoring us with the most sensual show with a sweet jewel named charisma. It was very difficult for the audience to leave this beautiful place but the show has to come to an end. After my twin brother took a few pictures, it was impossible for me to leave this place without helping somebody in need. And the best way to avoid making a mistake is to ask the question directly to the person who has given you the privilege to benefit from such a favorable treatment. In this case, it was in regards to Yvonne, founder of The Kscope, a local media and news platform serving as an exhibition for entrepreneurs and brands that stand out with their African signature, which amazes all lovers of our continent. It was therefore, natural that I offered to turn my car into a van so that she can store her equipment, but also to be able to put on my driver hat in order to be sure that she will get home safely.

Humility is the key to ensuring your sustainability in such a competitive world. Nobody reaches the summit alone, you must be recognized, well surrounded and guided on the path of distinction. Never forget those who served you as a light when the roads were so dark. Starting in September, I will embark in a new season, stay tuned.

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