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In such a competitive environment, the relationship between professionals is the crux of every business partnerships. Satisfied customers or partners will never feel the need to go and see what is happening elsewhere. They’d rather maintain a privileged and lasting relationship with you to the extent that even the negotiation stage will no longer be needed. However, there are many IT tools available today to build customer loyalty, but this automation of customer relationships raises a few questions: what about the true human relationship? The exclusivity? What could we continue to do to get us out of this bubble, this conformity, to be considerably apart from all the others? Follow this article to never be forgotten by your customers and business partners. Never.


It was during my business meeting last Friday with an important client that I could still realize the importance and the impact of a real exchange, a genuine relationship with someone. Before each important appointment, we always ask ourselves the following questions: what if this appointment went wrong, and if I did not get the results expected? We then lock ourselves into an obsession with the result and this becomes our only focus. We control our words, our gestures then everything refocuses on ourselves. What about our interlocutor during this time? Our interlocutor seeks to be satisfied while we seek to defeat what in some cases causes us to lose our feet.

As a first tip, do not go straight to the heart of the matter; unveil a part of your personality while keeping a slight restraint. You don’t need to dance while entering the premises but let your contact know that you went to a concert of your favorite artist the day before and that you have enjoyed it is not forbidden. So, not only will you break the ice, but above all, you will show that you are not here only to sell but above all to establish a real connection, if possible. Obviously without ever losing sight of the objective: to conclude the deal.

Your outfit can also occasionally play a role, Friday is « dress down code », i.e. casual attire for all. So, I had put the costume in the closet and selected a more adapted fit for the heat: grey trousers with a blue cotton polo from Gant and my latest casual red moccasins from Bass. This casual yet sophisticated outfit can help to facilitate small talks.


The appointment went very well, and so I left with the contract. My personality had made the difference and by that, I mean the real interest I was carrying to my client: How is he? Who is he? What are his own benefits by working with us? Through our discussions, he discovered me a little more as an individual and we left the professional framework to make our exchanges much more natural and pleasant. And it is, in my opinion, at this moment that you need to give him an attention worthy of a real MVP.

BE CONNECTED: WhatsApp Dear?

This mobile application is a revolution and allows us to be able to communicate free of charge anywhere in the world. When the business relationship reaches a stage of maturity (I trust you and you’re my only interlocutor), do not hesitate to accompany your most faithful clients via WhatsApp: much more instantaneous, they will receive your messages in real time and can reply to you rapidly. You will be more responsive and will be able to offer them a special support. Leaving in Canada and working with Europe American markets, I had to integrate WhatsApp as a one of my main communication tools, specifically with my European correspondents. Keep a professional profile picture, avoid using emoticons and abbreviations, and always use first-class vocabulary and spelling.

There is no hope of joy except in human relations.

With the advancement of technology, we want to act quickly, automatically and tend to forget the basics. Having a sincere and lasting relationship necessarily requires opening oneself. We must be ready to leave this formal framework to give a glimpse of our personality. This helps to relax our interlocutors but also to reassure them: we are not like all the others. Having a privileged relationship with our best clients is a way to let them know that you are willing to commit to the long term and make the right efforts. Be yourselves, stay connected and available, believe me, they will appreciate.

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