Customer service: How can I help?

Customer service is the sinews of war for companies that seek to increase their results, it is a serious challenge in such a competitive world. It is expressed by your ability to maintain strong and lasting relationships with your customers, by keeping them satisfied under any circumstances. A task which is far from the easiest with the most radical consequences when it is not mastered with great expertise.

Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. A flourishing company focuses 80% on its current customers and 20% on its prospects. To lose a client at Izy Consulting is my daily obsessive fear. We work hard and in a smart way every single day in order to come to customer’s satisfaction. We’ve tested several companies to bring you the 4 essential keys to excel in customer service just in a 4 minutes reading.

Don’t talk too much, listen carefully

A customer who gets in touch with you is a customer in need. He requires your advice, assistance and sees you as his savior. He contacts you in search of comfort and a solution. It is up to you to guide him so that he confides and gives you the smallest details you will need; and believe me; sometimes it is not that simple.

In order to open up, remember that your client needs to feel at ease, otherwise you risk bringing out his frustration and not being able to solve his problem(s) due to the lack of information. Let them know from the start that you are there to help them. Also, make sure that you listen to everything they have to say carefully, understand your client’s needs, clarify with them any issue(s) they may have in order to provide the best solution suitable for them. 

 Be closer to your clients

In order to stay as long as possible in the market, one of the main objectives when starting up a business is to know how to increase your customer base. A successful company, small or large, knows how to stay close to its customers by understanding their needs and responding to them favorably. There are many ways to get feedback, while we are all familiar with surveys, there are also exchange groups.

Imagine the satisfaction of a customer who shared everything he needed and that it was all taken into consideration? For small businesses, the experience should not be stopped over the phone or behind a computer. Select a sample of your most loyal customers and invite them on your premises in a friendly environment, in order to be part of an exchange group to get the most accurate feedback.

Influence your partners: a culture

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to contact you to complain. Just as it is not pleasant for one of your partners to hear or read that the consumer is not satisfied. The great experts in customer service manage this type of situation where others can crack and ultimately see one of their customers leave for a competitor. We certainly do not want this to happen and we are sure that you do not want this to happen to you either.

Make your employees understand the importance of delivering a perfect customer service experience. To do this, opt for meetings, but also invest in the tools and resources needed for your team. For small businesses or solo entrepreneurs, even if time can sometimes be short, don’t neglect this task and make it one of your top priorities.

The extra mile: always more

As we often say within the agency, it is always better to promise less and deliver more than the other way around. At Izy Consulting we have the humility to share our skills with our clients and a great motivation to deliver them more than they expect from us. When a customer calls you to meet their needs, they expect you to provide them with the assistance they require. Your role is to make them want to come back to work with you again. Bring them the extra advice that they have not even thought of asking you, but which will be of great use. Deliver your work in advance in order to save them time on their agendas. They will thank you.

What if Izy Consulting saves you time management with your clients? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!

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