No breakdown during the quarantine!

We’ve been confined in our homes for over four weeks now, and for those of you who are still feeling good about it, we congratulate you! The days look the same and you have never been this close with your material belongings: TV, smartphones, household appliances, if they let you down right now, we all know how this can turn into a disaster. Izy Consulting thought about you and would like to give you some advice that will soothe you during this confinement at home.

My smartphone: Don’t  leave me!

It’s the perfect tool to stay connected with your loved ones, especially during this time through: video and long distance calls via internet, it is definitely the perfect intermediary. However, don’t forget that you have to take care of it in order to avoid any breakdown. Do not hesitate to lighten it with everything that’s inside, by doing very simple gestures such as: deleting photos, videos that you no longer need, files that you have kept for years and applications that you only used once during 2019. A lighter memory will increase your chances to avoid any bug. 

Your toaster: Good morning!

If you are loyal to a toasted bread in the morning, your toaster must remain your best ally in order to not have a slight burnt taste during your breakfast. Like all goods you have, they must be cleaned: unplug your appliance before placing it on a flat surface, remove the removable tray if your toaster has one by referring to the instruction guide, empty it of its crumbs by shaking it, wash the container with warm water using a liquid detergent. To clean the inside of your toaster, we recommend using a toothbrush soaked in vinegar and rub inside.

Your kettle:  tea time?

Tea and hot drink lovers will tell you, the electric kettle is essential. With a base, connected to an electrical outlet, during the heating phase, it allows the water to heat up by a thermal transfer. But by dint of using it, the kettle accumulates residues of limestone and it must be cleaned up as often as possible. There is a very easy and simple way to do so, which is to descale the kettle: take a glass of white vinegar, pour it into the kettle and let it boil until the end. This simple and quick step allows you to keep your kettle in brand new condition

Your TV: Action!

Let’s face it and this should not come as a surprise to any body, television is our best friend during this confinement period. TV series/shows, Netflix, government speeches, daily news, it keeps us up to date with what’s going on in the world and also entertained. Take care to ensure a longer lifespan: clean the dust behind it (without disassembling it), clean the screen, and don’t hesitate to use alcohol vinegar to give it a brand new look.

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