What we do (For Africa)

Partnership Management

We are managing Institutional projects from start to finish (360 degrees) with a great expertise and focus on the African Market (Anglophone and Francophone). Bilingual English and French, our main missions are: 

1) To act as a first point of contact between companies and institutions that forms a partnership to get the work done quickly and efficiently

2) To serve as arbitrators for business decisions and strategies when partners reach an impasse

3) To help both companies establish their short- and long-term goals, ensuring they align and identifying any differences between them

4) To offer strategic insight and direct guidance for each company on how to achieve their goals while working together

5) To serve as a mentor for company executives and managers, providing professional guidance, leadership and personal support

At Izy Consulting, we are flexible and time savior.

By working autonomously, we are considered as projects accelerator and facilitator.

Strategic Business Development

We are promoting, advising and supporting businesses, organizations with their Institutional projects. As we are mainly working remote, we can also go and visit your clients, your partners everywhere on your behalf or assist you during your events and meetings in English or in French. We can also create special events adapted to yours needs.

With our extra hand you will be noticed and increase your sales, visibility and reputation: we do cold calling, we build rapport, and we naturally make sales recommendations, notes and provide great results for your organizations

Other services

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