How to gain your entourage’s respect in 3 points

In our career as an entrepreneur, employee or public figure, we all want to earn the respect of our customers, our employees or our public. It is a pledge of confidence but above all a tool for measuring your brand image. In order to fulfil your quest, here are some tips to help you out:

Being yourself

We’re living in a world where appearance does matter but attitude also. My profession urges me to travel rather often to meet my clients, but also to go to parties, galas, and other events where networking is necessary, to meet new people and, who knows, to conclude new partnerships. Thus it is necessary to be accustomed but especially to be aware that these moments are when we can catch the attention, be convincing, unforgettable and above all sincere. The first impression is always the right one and as mentioned in a previous article titled « Negotiation: the art of the self-control », even a wink, a “too-much” attitude, can contradict or even destroy your credibility.

I recently had the chance to be invited to the Fashion Night Out, an event organised by a real woman of distinction, an international designer who works in the four corners of the globe: Tina Lobondi. Dressed in a cream chino with the indispensable white shirt, a linen double-breasted jacket and my precious accessories for the final touch, I joined the event which took place in a chic and private venue. While remaining discreet, I started to shake the first hands and to discover the first brands. I started talking to the creators and getting interested in each of their designs; it seems to be so much work, they are passionate and I could feel it through their presentations. Showing restraint is essential in this kind of exchange, it is useless to put yourself forward as the turn will come for you to introduce yourself and when the opportunity arises, be careful not to unfold your resume with a mountain of details. If people are really interested in you, they will make every effort to find you. The most important thing for me here was to show humility, respect, and restraint, I am at this event for Tina and the creators above all.

Inspire by action

On the spot, I go towards Tina to greet her and we begin to talk about her but also her magnificent works and future actions. Being interested in the Business is great, but do not forget the individual behind it. Who is this person of distinction, visionary and very assiduous in her work and her everyday life? Remember that most successful entrepreneurs are first and foremost distinguished individuals within their own home and with their entourage; they know how to put people at ease and how to keep healthy relationships.

We love a job well done and appreciate great venues, we will always be delighted to be present and contribute by any means whatsoever. If we want our communities, but also the world in general to evolve, we have to put our shoulder to the wheel and keep in mind that behind each entrepreneur there is an individual who allocates hours of his time to nurture a project in order to remain on the right path of distinction. When I received this invitation, many days in advance, I had already given my agreement without knowing that it would be a long weekend. Yes, I could have gone to a city break and cancelled at the last minute, but is this the right attitude to adopt for an individual of distinction? Respect for the word given is very important and the best way to leave a positive image with its audience is to inspire respect through a sincere attitude and trustworthy actions.

Look after your style

We say it very often: the first impression is always the good one and your style has to be in line with your ambitions. It is not always a matter of being dressed in a suit but rather adopting a neat style that resembles you and adapts to every event. For example, the suit & tie is not mandatory for every job interview; however, the jacket, shirt and glossy shoes are.

For my part, I am a big fan of double-breasted jackets; I stand out with a rather mismatched style: double-breasted jacket and darted trousers of different colours. I was thus prepared for this event: cut beard, perfectly polished shoes, with, as perfume, the famous eau de toilette from Armani Code, the profumo. Never neglect the choice of your fragrance as this is an element that can distinguish you from others. Before choosing your outfit, take time to research the brand and the type of event, and then adopt the proper outfit.

Beyond specific events, having a style that is appropriate to everyday life is a mark of respect for oneself and for others. Going to a Gala with a badly trimmed suit or unmanaged shoes does not honour the organisers or the guests. Be sure to live up to the event you are attending and know that all the details matter.

Respect and truthfulness are one of the best attributes to distinguish an individual.

Gaining respect is not a due but a reward that is earned through our attitude towards others as well as our daily actions. Being sincere and showing good manners whether in a professional or private environment are decisive factors. During our exchanges, a certain restraint is essential in order to create an impact while being clear and concise without saying too much. I am more likely to be interested in his interlocutor before focusing on its own business. Invest, contribute whenever you can, encourage projects that are important to you, and most importantly, stay honest and distinguished individuals that keep their word.


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