For me, that is going to be a no !

We are living in a world where we are negotiating every single day and for everything: with our women, our children, our managers, our customers, and even to serve us a dessert after the dinner, sometimes we have to negotiate.

The lucky ones do not have this worry and often only obtain positive responses where for others, it is an unlimited duration contract that they realize having signed with the refusal. They accumulate refusals, whatever they are doing, and start questioning themselves without keeping in mind that sometimes, all we need is this little extra something to change the game. A single small effort in addition to switch to the other side, a single small more effort to bring your life to another level. Even if you cannot control how things are going, you remain after all the only master of your ability and manners when it turns to respond to a refusal.

What do you want ?

You will notice that our attitude has always tend to change when we are in a process of request. Children change their voice, facial expression, the adults will use the most beautiful forms to ask you something, either to take their reserved parking space up or to take from you and your pockets hundreds or thousands of euros to subscribe to their offer or to buy their product. But where it is getting worse, is that when they do not get what they want, they disappear (for some) immediately and then will tell you that it is because of the time that they have not been able to seek to return to you, in order to push the relationship further. It is always easier for them to find the necessary time when this fits into their objectives, you will tell me.

With Mr distinction, our etiquette expert, it is a matter of etiquette, of distinction through simple rules of decency, rules that will lead you to your own distinction, as an individual, as a professional.

Fantastic news, I got a no ! And then ?

Don’t be disappointed about getting 9 refusals the same day, sometimes the 10th answer is the good one. It marks the reward of an interminable battle, but also of a practical implementation of the different knowledge and in more effective ways. The reasons for such a decision can be many, and sometimes, only your interlocutors know why they came to this conclusion. Do not let yourself be swept away by the emotions, and make sure to leave with dignity and always with class. After having sought to know the reasons for this refusal, make your interlocutor understand that this is not an end in itself, and more importantly, do not close the door, you will never know what will be the answer to the next attempt. Give your thanks for having taken the time to respond to you and in the way the more class and positive possible. Whenever this is orally, by email or by text.

I am sorry to read that we have not been able to work together for this time. I quite understand your decision. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I shall inform you in priority when I will have an opportunity that will respond to our both expectations. At our next common synergy.

Continue to keep the relationship sincere (by commenting on their feeds, for example, or by sharing the news that could be of interest to them), don’t discourage yourself and believe me, ladies and gentlemen, they will never forget about you and who knows, the next time, this simple distinction may lead you to a positive agreement.

Your turn to play.


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